Phase 1 : Day 3 : Lift

Workout Summary:

Welcome to Day 3 of Project Break On Through. Day 2 was focused on conditioning and core development. Day 3’s focus is strength and explosive power development.

Before starting Day 3, complete an active warm-up (5 minutes to get the blood flowing), work on opening up your hips, loosen up your back and get mentally prepared to put in some more work.

Below is a video of todays performance workout, followed by the training plan and directions. LETS WORK!


Workout Directions:

Project Break On Through : Phase 1 : Day 3 : Lift Directions

Complete each superset for 5 rounds. To complete a superset, you would do exercise A1 for 8 reps on each side, directly followed by exercise A2 for 8 reps. After you complete a round of each superset, rest for 30 seconds. After you complete 5 rounds of each superset, rest for 2 minutes. (between superset A and B, B and C, C and D).


Superset #1. 5 Rounds

A1: SANDBELL 1-Arm Snatch X 8 each side

A2: SANDBELL Thruster X 8

Superset #2. 5 Rounds

B1: SANDBAG Front Squat X 8

B2: STRAPS Feet Elevated Push-Ups X 10

Superset #3. 5 Rounds

C1: SANDBELL Split Stance Bent Over Row X 8 each side

C2: STRAPS Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat X 10 each side

Superset #4. 5 Rounds

D1: SANDBAG Romanian Deadlift with Shrug X 8 each

D2: SANDBAG Shoulder Press X 8


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