NEWF SANDBELL Thruster Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBELL Thruster Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) Feet shoulder width.

2) Holding side handles of SANDBELL in goblet squat position.

3) Bodyweight in heels.

Start to Finish

1) Holding the SANDBELL in goblet squat position, squat to 90* keeping weight in your heels.

2) Explode back up like a normal front squat.

3) As you get to the top of your squat, using the momentum of your movement, press the SANDBELL directly over your head until arms are fully extended.

4) Lower SANDBELL back to goblet squat position.

5) Repeat process. Remember to always keep your body wight in your heels and do not let your knees go over your toes.


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