SANDBELL Kettlebell

SANDBELL Kettlebell

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The Kettlebell — Reimagined. A soulful spirit, born from the desire to deliver performance training to the beach and maintain all the benefits of a world class training facility at a fraction of the cost. The SANDBELL is everything that a kettlebell should be… and then some. This sand-filled kettlebell has a 0-45lbs fill capacity and a Wide-Mouth funnel-filler insert allowing for easy-in, easy-out changes in weight, making it seem as if you have a full rack of weights with you — at the beach. Featuring multiple never before seen innovations, packed into an extremely durable, easy to travel with and even easier to train with product. Produced to help you maximize your training session and gain back the time you would have spent away from enjoying what matters to you most. The SANDBELL … Performance driven design — Coastal inspired soul. Hit the beach and never miss a beat with your training.

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