Phase 1 : Day 2 : Conditioning

Workout Summary:

Welcome to Day 2 of Project Break On Through. Day 1 was focused on strength training. Day 2’s focus is conditioning and building your core. No matter how strong you get, without a solid cardio foundation, you can only get so far before burning out.

Before starting Day 2, complete an active warm-up (5 minutes to get the blood flowing), work on opening up your hips, loosen up your back and get mentally prepared to put in some more work.

Below is a video of todays core workout (cardio explained) followed by the training plan and directions. LETS WORK!


Workout Directions:

Cardio Instructions: Rest for 2 minutes between exercises A through D. (ex. Run 1 mile, rest 2 minutes before starting exercise B - 5 | 10 | 5 Shuttle Run.)

Core Instructions: Complete 5 Rounds of each exercise. A1 through A4 = 1 Round. Rest 30 seconds between each round of core workouts.


Set #1. 1 Round

Timed 1 Mile Run X 1

Set #2. 20 Reps.

5|10|5 Shuttle Run X 20 Reps. Rest 30 Seconds between each rep.

Set #3. 4 Reps.

800 Meter Repeats X 4 reps. Rest 60 Seconds between each rep.

Set #4. 5 Rounds.

Walking Lunges X 50 yards.

CORE: 5 Rounds Each.

A1: Leg Lifts X 20

A2: Leg Wipers X 10 each side

A3: Toe Touches X 20

A4: Superman's (2 second hold) X 10


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