Phase 2 : Day 2 : Conditioning

Workout Summary:

Welcome to Phase 2: Day 2 of Project Break On Through. Day 1 was focused on strength training. Day 2’s focus is conditioning and building your core. Todays core session is going to require the NEWF STRAPS for all movements and it is an absolute killer!

Before starting Day 2, complete an active warm-up (5 minutes to get the blood flowing), work on opening up your hips, loosen up your back and get mentally prepared to put in some more work.

Below is a video of todays core workout (cardio explained) followed by the training plan and directions. LETS WORK!


Workout Directions:

Project Break On Through : Phase 2 : Day 2 : Conditioning Directions


Set #1.

Timed 1 Mile Run X 1 round

Set #2.

Bag Facing Crossover Burpee X 30 rounds of 10 seconds ON X 20 seconds OFF for a total of 15 minutes.

Set #3. 5 Rounds.

Broad Jumps X 20 reps.

Set #4. 5 Rounds.

Walking Lunges X 50 yards.

CORE: 5 Rounds Each.

A1: STRAPS Pike X 12

A2: STRAPS Semi-Circle X 10 each side

A3: STRAPS Knee Tucks X 20

A4: STRAPS Feet Elevated Plank Hold X 60 seconds


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