Phase 2 : Week 2 : Day 4 : Conditioning

Workout Summary:

Welcome to Week 2 : Day 4 of Phase 2: Project Break On Through. Today’s workout is cardio focused with Speed, Agility & Quickness drills factored in. Speed and Agility drills are essential for building explosive power and athletic ability. For explanations of the cardio exercises, read the captions below. LETS WORK!

Before starting Day 4, complete an active warm-up (5 minutes to get the blood flowing), work on opening up your hips, loosen up your back and get mentally prepared to put in some more work.


Workout Directions:

Project Break On Through : Phase 2 : Day 4 : Conditioning Directions


Set #1. 1 Round

800 Meter Run X 1 rep. Warm-Up run pace. This is just to get your legs warm.

Set #2. 5 Rounds.

Square Run X 5 each direction.

Set up cones (or anything you have) in a square, 5 yards apart from each other. To complete this exercise, you will be facing the same direction from start to finish. 1) Lateral skip to the right from cone to cone. 2) Back pedal from cone to cone. 3) Lateral skip to the left from cone to cone. 4) Sprint forward to the starting cone. 5) Change your starting direction each time you run the square.

Set #3. 5 Rounds.

Lateral Jump to Sprint 20 Yards X 3 each direction.

To complete this exercise, start by standing on your right foot. Next, hop as far as you can to your left, landing on your left foot. From here, go directly into a 20 yard sprint. Repeat this process 3 times in each direction.

Set #1. 1 Round.

800 Meter Run X 1 rep. Record your time on this rep for next week.

Core: 5 Rounds.

A: STRAPS Knee Tucks  X 20

B: STRAPS Roll Out  X 12

C: STRAPS Feet Elevated Plank Hold  X 60 seconds.


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