Phase 1: Day 2 Built Like A Spartan

Workout Summary

Welcome to Day 2 of Built Like A Spartan. Day 1 was focused on strength training. Day 2's focus is conditioning and building your core. No matter how strong you get, without a solid cardio foundation, you will only get so far on race day before burning out.

Before starting Day 2, complete an active warm-up (5 min to get the blood flowing), work on opening up your hips, loosen up your back and get mentally prepared to put in some more work.

Below is a video of todays workout followed by the training plan. Enjoy.

  1. 10 Sets. A through B = 1 Set
  • A - Ab Twists to Sled Sprint x 40 yards
  • B - Weight Sled Broad Jumps x 10

  1. 3 Sets. A through D = 1 Set 
  2. A - Knees to Elbows (feet in straps) x 15
  3. B - Planks (feet in straps) x 30 sec.
  4. C - Toe Touches With Bag x 15
  5. D - Weighted V-Ups x 15