NEWF SANDBELL Single Rack Squat Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBELL Single Rack Squat Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) Rack SANDBELL on right shoulder. Keep your bodyweight in heels.

2) Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

3) Slight bend in knees, keep back flat, core tight, head up, eyes forward.

Start to Finish

1) Hinge backward at the hips like you are going to sit in a chair. Do not let your knees pass your toes.

2) To maintain form with the SANDBELL up front, you must engage your core throughout the whole movement. Keeping your back flat, chest up and head up. Keep your hips square with your shoulders.

3) Squat until legs and hips are at 90*. Keep bodyweight in heels.

4) Push back up using glutes and quads.


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