NEWF SANDBELL 1-Arm Swing Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBELL 1-Arm Swing Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) Line up with SANDBELL slightly in front of toes.

2) Feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

3) Weight in heels, bend hips knees to 45*, keep shoulders back.

4) Keep core tight and lower back flat. Make sure your shoulders are square with your hips.

Start to Finish

1) With your right arm, pull SANDBELL back, between legs. Straight arm the whole time.

2) Explode forward and up with your hips, sending the SANDBELL forward.

3) Keeping right arm fully extended, allow SANDBELL to swing to chest height.

4) Let SANDBELL swing back down between legs.

5) Keep back flat, shoulders back, arm fully extended the whole time.

6) Repeat process on left side.


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