NEWF SANDBELL 1-Arm Snatch to Reverse Lunge Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBELL 1-Arm Snatch to Reverse Lunge Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) Line up with SANDBELL between feet. Bodyweight in heels.

2) Hinge at your hips, knees and ankles. Keep shoulders pulled back, Head up, Back flat.

3) Grab handle of SANDBELL with right hand, arm fully extended with your palm facing you.

Start to Finish

1) Explode up through your heels, thrusting your hips forward and knees back. Maintain upper body position.

2) When SANDBELL reaches hips, shrug up shoulder and pull up elbow as high as you can (like a clean pull).

3) While SANDBELL is moving overhead, slightly bend at the hips and knees to catch the SANDBELL.

4) Shoot arm straight over head and catch SANDBELL.

5) While keeping SANDBELL over head and right arm locked out, reach backward with right leg until toes and knee hit ground and left knee bends to 90*.

6) Pressing through left heel, lunge back up to the top.

7) Lower SANDBELL to shoulder and control back to ground.

8) Repeat process on left side.


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