NEWF SANDBAG 1-Leg Romanian Deadlift Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBAG 1-Leg Romanian Deadlift Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) SANDBAG is at your hips holding the neutral grip handles (top handles)

2) Feet are shoulder width apart. Slight bend in the knees.

3) Raise your right leg off the ground and let it hang behind you.

4) For the entire movement, keep your back flat, core tight, shoulders pulled back, knee bent.

Start to Finish

1) Hinge at your hips and lean forward until your back is almost parallel with the ground.

2) Pause at the bottom for a second, squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips forward so you can create momentum to return to a standing position.

3) Keep your shoulders square with your hips.


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