June 16th Beach Workout

Workout Details:

Todays NEWF #BeachWorkout starts off with an intense circuit that will have your heart rate in the 150's after completing 2 of the 5 rounds! Supersets 2-4 are a healthy mix of full-body stabilization, strength and power movements, designed to keep your body guessing on what you're throwing at it next. LETS WORK!

Workout Instructions:

Perform superset #1 for 5 rounds with no rest, using the pigeon stretch as your rest period. After completing 1A & 1B five times, rest ONE minute before starting on 2A-2B. Repeat the same process for each of the following supersets. While completing supersets 2-4, rest 20 seconds between each round.


Superset #1: 5 Rounds | No rest between sets

1a) SANDBELL Snatch x 5 e/s

1b) SANDBELL Thrusters x 6

1c) Pigeon Stretch x 20 seconds each side

Superset #2: 5 Rounds | 20 Seconds rest between sets

2a) HD Sandbag Front Squat x 12

2b) Feet Elevated Strap Push-Ups x 12

Superset #3: 5 Rounds | 20 Seconds rest between sets

3a) Single-Arm Single-Leg Bent Over Row w/ SANDBELL x 8 e/s

3b) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat w/ SANDBELL x 8 e/s

Superset #4: 5 Rounds | 20 Seconds rest between sets

4a) HD Sandbag RDL w/ Shrug x 12

4b) 1/2 Kneeling Over-Head Press w/ SANDBELL x 6 e/s

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