“Taking a local vacation. First stop: San Diego. Trying out my @newf_fitness bag for the first time. It is AWESOME! This bag is bulletproof. Voluminous backpack, sandbag trainer and suspension trainer all in one. And it looks good! When traveling locally I bring a few medicine balls. After working out in the hotel gym I loaded the bag with medicine balls and ran the stairs with the bag on. Killer finish to my workout! Highly recommended!”

-   Dane T., Verified Buyer


“I'm in Cincinnati for the week and I got to use my Newf Fitness Suspension trainer for the first time!! Almost got caught by the Hotel staff mid workout using the top of the stairwell.”

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Murph is a Beast!! Working out and remembering all of our armed forces and military!!! Got to use my Newf Sandbag for the first time. Couldn't have gone better!!

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“Never leave home or your country without you NEWF fitness bag @newf_fitness”

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"Best fitness tool I have ever purchased - certainly for the price"

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"Well done on a great product. I am a competitive OCR athlete and this is going to be a really good training tool for me!"

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"Im telling you, you have to get a @newf_fitness bag!!! Your imagination is the limit to your workout. Whats the view in your gym like?"

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"Its super heavy duty and comes with a suspension training system and straps so it can be used as a backpack! Perfect for a mountain workout!"

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"No leaks. Superb quality. Im super excited to use this puppy in my workouts. Thanks for a great product."

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