NEWF Bag Workout of the Day #1

  1. Workout Details

This is the NEWF Fitness Workout of the Day. All movements can be completed with the NEWF Bag. 

  1. Workout Instructions
  • Perform all exercises in group 1 as a superset. Perform 1A and 1B 3 times through before moving onto group 2. Perform 1A for 10 reps and 1B 10 reps. Rest for 30-60 seconds after completing each set of the supersets.
  1. After going through Group 1 three times, move on to group 2, perform the same workout style of supersets for group 2. Rest 30-60 seconds after completing each full set of the supersets.


  1. Goal of Workout
  2. The goal of this training session is to focus on mobility, core stability, balance, and build explosive power.

Repeat Each Superset 3 Times Before Advancing

  1. 1A: Hang cleans X 10

1B: Ham curls straps X 10

  1. 2A: RFE Split Squat- Foot in strap X 6 each

2B:Strap Push Ups X 12

  1. 3A:KB Swings X 12

3B: Inverted Rows X max

  1. 4A: Dips X max

4B: Bag Cross Over Push Ups X 10 each side