NEWF Bag Strap Push-Ups Exercise

NEWF Bag Strap Push-Ups Summary

The NEWF Bag Strap Push-Ups Exercise is a fantastic movement for building up your chest as well as core stabilization. Even though this is a body weight exercise, it is not easy. If you need to build up to this form, it is perfectly acceptable to drop the knees to an assisted push-up position.

NEWF Bag Strap Push-Ups Exercise Steps

Step 1: Adjust the NEWF Bag shoulder strap height to 12-18 inches off the ground and place one hand in each strap.

Step 2: While in a push-up posistion, tighten your core and lower your body in a slow and controlled motion like you would in a normal push-up until your chest is lateral with your hands. Keep your hands as stable as possible.

Step 3: Once you reach the bottom of the push-up, you can hold this isometric position, or continue back up to the starting position.