Workout of the Day: March 31st

If you’re sore from yesterdays session… you're in for a treat today. Todays workout is going to smoke those Thundas' (quads), aimed to help you build a functionally stronger/stable base & optimize your explosive power. For all of our Jersey peeps going stir crazy, we added hammer curls to help keep those pythons jacked and tan. Please refrain from only doing set 2B for the entire workout.


Perform each superset non stop until completing all five rounds of the superset. (ex. 1A & 1B back-to-back FIVE times without resting.) After completing 1A & 1B five times, rest TWO minutes before starting on 2A-2B. Repeat the same process for each of the following supersets.


Superset #1: 5 Times Through. No Rest.

1A) Clean Pulls x 10

1B) Thrusters x 8

Superset #2: 5 Times Through. No Rest

2A) Feet Elevated Push-Ups x 12

2B) Sandbag Hammer Curls x 10

Superset #3: 5 Times Through. No Rest.

3A) Rear Foot Elevated Squats x 8 each side

3B) Single Arm Bent Over Row x 8 each side