Workout of the Day: March 30th

Here at NEWF, we are kicking Monday off with an intense full body session. Gyms are shut down nationwide, but if you have a NEWF Bag, you know first hand that you are fully equipped to train and have ZERO excuses to skip todays workout! This workout should take 35-45 minutes to complete. Let us know how you do. Share with a friend in need of a challenge. Be sure to stretch after, you will thank yourself later... LETS WORK.


Perform each superset non stop until completing all five rounds of the superset. (ex. 1A & 1B back-to-back FIVE times without resting.) After completing 1A & 1B five times, rest TWO minutes before starting on 2A-2B. Repeat the same process for each of the following supersets.


Superset #1: 5 Times Through. No Rest.

1A) Sandbag Cleans x 10

1B) Hip Stretch x 20 seconds each hip

Superset #2: 5 Times Through. No Rest

2A) Single Leg RDL x 8 each side

2B) Suspension Push-Ups x 12

Superset #3: 5 Times Through. No Rest.

3A) Inverted Strap Rows x 12

3B) Rev. Alt. Lunges x 8 each side

Superset #4: 5 Times Through. No Rest

4A) Kneeling Over Head Press x 8

4B) Single Leg Squat with Straps x 8 each leg