Workout of the Day: April 3rd

Workout Details:

Today’s workout is a healthy mix of upper and lower body strength and stability exercises that will take your muscular endurance and power to the next level. The weighted step ups might make using the bathroom a little difficult tomorrow, but thats all part of the process! Finish the week off on a win!

Workout Instructions:

Perform each superset non stop until completing all five rounds of the superset. (ex. 1A & 1B back-to-back FIVE times without resting.) After completing 1A & 1B five times, rest TWO minutes before starting on 2A-2B. Repeat the same process for each of the following supersets.


Superset #1: 5 Rounds

1a) Lateral Step Ups x 8 each side

1b) Inverted Row (3 sec. pause) x 12

Superset #2: 5 Rounds

2a) RDL with Shrug x 12

2b) Neutral Grip Front Raise x 10

Superset #3: 5 Rounds

3a) 1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Shoulder Press x 8 each side

3b) Squat Jumps x 12