The AR-1

The AR-1 is the ultimate All-‘Round strength and conditioning product. Built for athletes and designed to take a beating. The AR-1 is a combination of all essential strength and conditioning tools, seamlessly packaged into one product. The AR-1 is comprised of a sandbag, suspension-trainer, weight-sled and weighted ruck. The AR-1’s unmatched load capacity, durability, and portability puts it in a league of its own. (2 - 100 lbs. filler bags and 2 12' extension straps included).


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The Sandbag... Redefined. We make the worlds best sandbag. We said it, we mean it, and we stand behind that statement. The AR-1 was intentionally designed to claim that title. The AR-1 has a fill capacity of 185 lbs. and comes with three 75 lbs. leak proof filler bags. The exterior has 10 strategically placed grab handles replicating all possible barbell grip combinations. Each grab handle is made with two layers of heavy duty webbing and reinforced from the inside out. The AR-1 is constructed with a 1000 denier cordura body and has a puncture proof rubber base layer, so no matter where you train, or how extreme your workout gets, we have you covered.


The AR-1’s versatile, multifunctional suspension training system is quick and easy to set up and can be used anywhere. Suspension trainers are essential components to all strength & conditioning programs and will help you optimize your balance, core strength, explosive power and mobility. The AR-1’s extension straps are 12 feet long, and can hold over 300 lbs of hanging weight. Designed similar to olympic rings, comprised of two independent, free hanging straps and handles.


The AR-1 Weight Sled features a rubber base that is suited for just about any surface and built to put on some milage. The weight sled is quick and easy to set up and attaches to either rear grab handle, acting like a “trailer hitch”. The sled harness can be set up in a multitude of variations. You can use it as a shoulder harness, or only attach one strap and work on explosive pull movements like the single arm row. The AR-1 weight sled is one of a kind, allowing you to seamlessly switch from sandbag movements straight into sled exercises without hesitation. This feature allows you to train supersets like never before.



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