We are all driven by different motives and desires. Whether it be short or long term, tangible or intangible, a destination or the present moment, but we all have it.

Having the ability to harness that drive and consistently build on it everyday is where the real magic happens. Through the practice of aggressive patience and complete belief in your desired outcome, there aren't too many things that cant be accomplished in life.

For us, we are driven by our mission to create the highest quality, most innovative functional fitness products and training plans on the planet and build a community of people as passionate (and possibly as crazy) as we are.

We are only a year and a half into actual sales and usually run entirely by Dan Ferguson, Founder of NEWF Fitness, and some part time help here and there. Over this short time period, we have had sales in 15 different countries and all 50 States. (Alaska took a while).

Our story started just shy of two years ago with no money, some graphing paper, a sewing machine from Walmart, sleepless nights and a burning desire to reshape the functional fitness industry, the rest is history…