NEWF SANDBAG M-F'er Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBAG M-F'er Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) Line up in a push-up position. Hands on top of SANDBAG

Start to Finish

1) Do one push, chest all the way to the SANDBAG

2) Jump up to your foot and prepare for the Clean.

3) Explode through your heels, standing up with the SANDBAG. Keep SANDBAG close to your legs on the way up

4) As the SANDBAG reaches your hips, shrug your shoulders up and then pull up using your arms.

5) Pull your body down and under the SANDBAG. Shoot your elbows up and forward as the SANDBAG lands on the front of your shoulders.

6) From this slight squat, stand all the way up.

7) Holding the SANDBAG in Front Squat position, squat to 90* keeping your bodyweight in your heels.

8) Explode back up like a normal front squat.

9) As you get to the top of your squat, using the momentum of your movement, press the SANDBAG directly over your head until arms are fully extended.

10) Lower SANDBAG back to front squat position.


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