NEWF SANDBAG Bent Over Row Exercise

Exercise Overview

The NEWF SANDBAG Bent Over Row Exercise demonstration video.

The Set-Up

1) Line up the the side of the SANDBAG, just in front of your toes.

2) Feet are shoulder width apart.

3) Bend forward and grab the neutral grip handles. (top of SANDBAG)

4) Knees and hips hinged at 45*.

5) Keep your back flat. Core tight. Head is in line with your back.

6) Keep shoulders back, bodyweight in heels, arms fully extended.

Start to Finish

1) Using your back, pull the SANDBAG up to your chest.

2) Keep your elbows in close to your body.

3) Squeeze your back and shoulders when the SANDBAG gets to your chest.

4) Control the momentum of the SANDBAG back to the starting position.

5) Do NOT slam the SANDBAG at the bottom.


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