Top 5 Core Exercises You Need To Try


Screw conventional bodyweight crunches and seemingly never ending plank holds. Sure, they are great … if you want a sore lower back and elbows, but we have a hunch you are looking for something that gives you the most bang for your buck! If you are sick of crunches and planks, and don’t mind having a tough time laughing/coughing for the next couple of days, these core exercises are for you!

Exercise 1: Jack-Knife to Push-Away

The Jack-Knife to Push-Away core exercise is a challenging core strength exercise for a number of reasons. For starters, its a full body, coordinated movement that combines a Pike and Push-Away (or Superman) into one movement. The unstable nature of the AR-1’s suspension straps requires additional stabilizer recruitment and concentration on form to maintain proper posture/tempo during the movement.

Exercise 2: L-Sit - Chin-Hold Flutter Kicks

The L-Sit - Chin-Hold Flutter Kick core exercise requires you to maintain a chin-up position while holding your legs out straight at a 90* angle. In addition, you must maintain this position while flutter kicking your feet, placing greater emphasis on core engagement.

Exercise 3: Alternating Knees to Elbows

Alternating Knees to Elbows core exercise is the ultimate oblique blaster that also requires upper body strength and core mobility. This movement requires you to maintain the push-up position while rotating from side to side in a semi-circle manner. In addition to working your chest and shoulders, the rotational process requires additional concentration on your abdominals and knee positioning.

Exercise 4: Weighted V-Sits

Weighted V-Sit core exercise is another full body, coordinated movement. In a seamless motion, you are combining a pull over and leg raise into one movement. This movement is awkward/takes a few tries to get the hang of, but you will 100% feel the effects of this exercise after just a few reps.

Exercise 5: Weighted Toe Touches

The weighted toe touches core exercise is amazing for targeting your upper abs. This exercise is not the hardest if you can easily touch your toes. If thats the case, slightly bend your knees and really make yourself reach for your toes each rep. At the end of the day, you are the only one who knows if you're cheating yourself out of the challenge.