Phase 3 : Week 1 : Day 4 : Conditioning

Workout Summary:

A cardio and core workout that will get your heart pumping. Welcome to Phase 3 Day 4. Todays workout incorporates quick sprint bursts with a solid core finisher. Don’t forget to take deep breaths and rehydrate during this heat wave! LETS WORK!


Workout Directions:

Cardio Instructions: Rest for 2 minutes between exercises A through D.

Core Instructions: Complete 5 Rounds of each exercise. A1 through A4 = 1 Round. Rest 30 seconds between each round of core workouts.


Set #1. 1 Round.

A1: 800 Meter Run X 1. Warm-Up pace. This is just to get your legs warm.

Set #2. 16 Rounds.

B1: 100 Yard Sprint X 16 reps. rest 30 seconds between each rep.

Set #3. 40 Rounds.

C1: 40 Yard Sprint X 40 reps. Rest 30 seconds between each rep.

Set #4. 1 Round.

D1: 800 Meter Run X 1. Cool down pace.

CORE: 5 Rounds Each.

A1: SANDBELL Over Head Sit-Up X 20

A2: SANDBELL Russian Twist X 20 each side

A3: STRAPS Mountain Climbers X 20 each side

A4: SANDBELL Weighted Side Plank X 30 seconds each side


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