Workout of the Day: April 7th

Workout Details:

Todays workout starts off with our favorite full body flow, the Sandbag Complex. The First round of 1a and 1b is guaranteed to skyrocket your heart rate and get your body fully warmed up for the rest of the workout. Be sure to complete 20 seconds on each hip of the hip stretch. Having flexible hips and full mobility of your hips, hamstrings, lower back, play a huge role in developing a functional body and avoiding injury. Let us know how you do! LETS WORK.

Workout Instructions:

Perform each superset non stop until completing all five rounds of the superset. (ex. 1A & 1B back-to-back FIVE times without resting.) After completing 1A & 1B five times, rest TWO minutes before starting on 2A-2B. Repeat the same process for each of the following supersets.


Superset #1: 5 Rounds

1a) Sandbag Complex x 10 each

1b) Hip Stretch x 20 seconds each side

Superset #2: 5 Rounds

2a) Alternating Lunges x 8 each side

2b) Hamstring Curls x 8

Superset #3: 5 Rounds

3a) Archer Fly x 8 each side

3b) Lying Single Arm Chest Press x 8 each side

3c) Neutral Grip Shoulder Raise x 8